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Here are some of the things discussed in our December 2015 Newsletter:

  • Have you sent us your child’s Holiday Schedule? If you have not done so, time is running out, as we will be closed on Thursday’s and Friday’s of the next 2 weeks and we need to know if the therapy schedules will be changing or staying as is. For now, schedules will remain “as is” until they are received by this week.
  • Merry Christmas! We will be closed for Christmas on Thursday (24th) & Friday (25th).
  • Happy New Year! We will be closed for the New Year on Thursday (31st) & Friday (1st). 
  • December Birthdays: Dalgis (Dec. 9th)- Happy birthday!
  • And the HTW family keeps growing! We are happy that Dalgis Travieso has joined our team of exceptional therapists! To learn more about her, visit Our Therapy Team!
  • Reminder of Time change: ALL of our sessions end 10 minutes prior to their scheduled end time. We continue to have a lot of late arrivals. Failure to pick up your child at their scheduled time may result in a fee.
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