Whether your child may or may not have a diagnosis of autism, problem behaviors are what often drive parents to seek help.

Heal the World Behavioral Services develops specialized Behavior Reduction Programs for children who regularly engage in problem behavior. Common examples of typical problem behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Aggressive Behaviors (i.e., hitting, kicking, biting) 
  • Self-stimulatory Behaviors  
  • Self-injurious Behaviors
  • Tantrums
  • Non-compliance
  • Difficulty with transitions/change
  • Throwing items

We begin our Behavior Reduction Program by conducting a functional assessment interview with the parents, natural observations, and data collection in the child’s home, school, or community setting where the child is likely to exhibit problem behaviors. We then determine the functions of the problem behaviors and develop a specific and individualized behavioral reduction plan based on the principles of ABA.

We implement the program and collect ongoing data of each instance of the problem behavior (i.e., frequency, duration, intensity). We then train parents, staff, and caregivers how to implement the replacement behaviors and interventions developed. Our goal is reducing the frequency, duration, or intensity of the problem behavior in the child’s repertoire. Always remember: every problem behavior can take a number of forms, but any behavior can be improved with the right intervention!