It is not uncommon for children with an autism spectrum disorder and related diagnosis to have difficulty and seem fearful when it comes to toilet training. However, toileting is an essential skill necessary for the development of self-help skills as well as a requirement for certain school placements.

Readiness Indicators

A child may be ready to use the potty despite prior failed attempts if the following readiness indicators are present:

  • Ability to understand and follow basic instructions, such as “sit down” and “come here”
  • Gross motor control (i.e., can walk to the bathroom, can pull items)
  • Can pull down pants
  • Aware of when he/she has a wet/dirty diaper
  • Demonstrates bladder control and has long periods with a dry diaper
  • Has the ability to communicate his wants and needs

If your child meets most of these indicators, then our Toilet Training Program can help get your child toilet trained.

We will conduct an initial assessment with the parents to determine the needs of the child. Our Toilet Training Program is designed using a structured and positive approach. Our trained therapists will work one on one with the child to teach independent toileting skills as well as train caregivers on our specific toileting techniques.