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Here are some of the things discussed in our October 2016 Newsletter:

  • To read our full post on our Halloween tips, visit our blog: Getting ready for Halloween!
  • Congratulations Anabel & Gretel!!! Our staff continues to excel professionally and we are so proud of them! Join us in congratulating Anabel for passing the BCaBA exam and Gretel for passing the RBT exam! 
  • In September, we began using the Parent Observation room as a therapy room. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot watch your child’s sessions anymore. We purchased a security camera and will be able to move it as desired so that you can observe your child’s session. However, this will require you to be present at HTW and using our iPad (in compliance with HIPAA regulations). For now, we only have one camera so it’s on a first come basis. Please notify us in advance and we will arrange the room and camera.
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