Once again, Sevenly is offering their unique designs for men, women, children, and even accessories to raise money in order to fund therapy for children with autism.

Here is their explanation of this great cause they have taken for only THIS WEEK:

“Every parent faces challenges in raising their children. However, for parents of children with autism, this can mean overwhelming daily struggles. In many cases, children with autism struggle with social impairments, communication difficulties, repetitive behaviors and self-harming tendencies. Due to the wide spectrum of the disorder, the level of functioning and the care they require varies. Not all families faced with these challenges can financially bear the burden of a child with these specific needs. Many have nowhere to turn.”


“This week we are partnering with National Autism Association to provide behavioral therapy or communication tools to suit an affected child’s specific needs. For many children with autism, behavior and communication therapy these tools and skills are vital assets in tackling the challenges they face. This week we have the great privilege to give children with autism the chance to grow and excel.”

If you would like to purchase your Sevenly items and help raise money for children with Autism, then please click on the link: http://www.sevenly.org