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Here are some of the things discussed in our Newsletter:

  • On Sunday, April 6th, we will be participating in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event! We will be having a booth with fun activities for the kids as well as goodies and information about our services for those families and friends that attend the walk. If you haven’t already done so, please take a second to donate and join our team: Heal the World’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks Team Page! Every penny can make a difference and improve someone’s life! We hope to see you all there!
  • This month, we will be installing a bulletin board in our waiting room in order to: 1) Showcase our kid’s projects and 2) Inform you of any events being conducted in our community. We hope that you will enjoy this bulletin board! If you have any recommendations for themes or events to be shared, feel free toe-mail us!
  • Significant changes were made to the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis in May of 2013. Our blog post provides an overview of the changes made from the DSM-IV criteria to the new DSM-V criteria. To read the full post, click here: Changes to the autism crtieria in the DSM
  • Wednesday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day! Major landmarks, hotels, museums, bridges, organizations, and families around the world celebrate this day with the Light it up blue! campaign that kicks-off Autism Awareness Month and helps raise autism awareness. How will YOU light it up blue?
  • We are in the process of becoming in-network providers for other insurance companies, so stay tuned!
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